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The Sunday Roadhouse Presents:

The Suitcase Junket

April 9

5:00 pm

$17 ADV / $20 DOS

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“Remember the first day you heard The Suitcase Junket…his songwriting is extraordinary… this is one of the most exciting records I’ve heard in years.” –  Vin Scelsa of Idiot’s Delight on WFUV and Sirius/XM


“Armed with vintage 1950s amps and a guitar he salvaged from a dumpster, an old oversized suitcase he plays with his heel as a bass drum, a baby shoe hitting a gas can, a cook pot, a circular saw blade and a box of bones and silverware for added percussion, he let it rip! In my favorite session of the year, The Suitcase Junket performs ‘Earth Apple’ from his latest album, ‘Make Time.'” –  Linda Fahey, NPR’s Favorite Sessions of 2015


Artist, tinkerer, tunesmith, swamp-Yankee, Matt Lorenz is a one-man salvage specialist singing into the hollow of a dumpster guitar, slipping a broken bottleneck onto the slide finger, railing on a box of twisted forks and bones, rocking till every sound is ragged at its edges, till the house is singing back. Then, unplugging all the amps and letting one mountain ballad soar over the raw strings on that guitar.


Every night is a hard-driving, blues-grinding, throat-singing search-and-rescue junket. Sooner or later everything rusts, busts, and gets tossed into the junk heap: iron, bones, leather, hot-rods, muskrats, the night, the heart. The goal is to recover it. To waste nothing. To create new ways from old. This is The Suitcase Junket.


“It’s an astonishing thing to watch Matt Lorenz, the architect and sole member of The Suitcase Junket, perform. What’s impressive is not merely the complexity of the endeavor—Lorenz sings, strums and plays up to four instruments with his feet at once—but how utterly he is able to transcend the mechanical minutiae. Close your eyes, and you’ll hear a garage rock band, complete with a drum set and growling, overdriven guitars.” – Amelia Mason, WBUR/Boston


It’s the return of The Suitcase Junket to The Sunday Roadhouse. Hope to see you there!

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