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The Party After

Gallivant / The Long Awaited

January 17

9:00 pm


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“The Omaha,NE-based power trio known as The Party After is a shade of alternative rock that the members would describe as “Dystopian Party Rock”. Creating music that’s a mixture reminiscent of 90’s Grunge meets Hard Rock of the 2000’s, the three-piece from Omaha, Nebraska has been playing music for several years together before embarking on the journey that is The Party After. It all started from the ashes of another band.
In 2011, Jared William Gottberg (guitar/vox) and Derek Talburt (drums) founded the group under the name “A Wasted Effort” and spent the next couple years solidifying a line-up. In 2013, the group brought in Anthony Bates (bass/vox), immediately began to tour to get their music heard anywhere they could, and were even nominated for an Omaha Entertainment and Arts Award in the category of Best Hard Rock.
In an unfortunate turn of events, after playing across the nation on several tours, the group was robbed of nearly all of their equipment in San Antonio, TX in August of 2015. This lead to cancelling the last two dates of a 21-date, month-long run and returning home to Omaha, NE where the members spent 2016 working toward rebuilding nearly everything.
“A Wasted Effort” released their final single in 2017 before receiving a cease and desist for the name of the band from a past member. Derek, Jared, and Tony decided to use the opportunity to rebrand and create a new formula for the music. In December 2017, “The Party After” made their debut opening for Crazy Town, and since then have been hard at work in the studio and on stage respectively.
Finally, on Valentine’s Day 2019, the trio released their first single titled “Philophobic”. Produced by the band’s own Jared William Gottberg with mixing and mastering help from Grammy-nominated engineer and producer Tom Ware (Lady Gaga – “You and I”), the song was also accompanied by a music video directed by director/producer David M. Weiss.
The music video, a humorous story about Bigfoot in love, garnered enough attention to catch the eyes and ears of several film festivals through the nation including festivals in Snake Alley and Las Vegas. In the first six months after the release, between short clips of the video, streams of the song, and views of the full video, “Philophobic” has seen over one hundred thousand plays via Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Spotify collectively.”
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