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March 9

8:30 pm


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“Once upon a time, in a divey karaoke bar, four dudes found themselves trading awesomeness on the mic. Like a battle with no losers, they jammed jam after jam. While saps tried to impress with ballads and rock anthems, these four stuck to the Hip Hop classics and the place begged for more.

Like Donkey Kong, it was on. With talent rom Section 8, MoSynth, Swagger Wagon, Flannel Channel, willis?, and many more recognizable side projects was born a Tribute band like no other.

We present to you Ghettoblaster – laying down the best Old-School Hip Hop of the 2000’s and before…better than you remember!”

“Alright stop, collaborate and… you found us! Your new favorite Old Skool Hip Hop band: Lancaster GhettoBlaster! The biggest jams from the 2000’s and before, served up live and even better than you remember. Snoop? We got that. Young MC? Got that too. DMC? Yup. Eminem? You know this, man! So loosen your adidas, throw on that kangol, load up your hoopty and party with GhettoBlaster!”
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